lindsey harding

academic projects

IPOCO@UGA. 2013-present.

In December, I teamed up with two scholars to start developing on a collaborative website for Islam and Postcolonial Studies. I'm building pages now while the rest of the team develops content, and we plan to launch later this spring. I'm having a ball creating this PHP site thanks to Bootstrap!

DRC Fellowship. 2013-present.

This summer, I was selected to be a fellow with the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative, hosted by the Sweetland Center for Writing at the University of Michigan. I will be working on developing the site's conversations section, and I hope to implement features like a series of Hack and Yack postings, the Webtext of the Month, and a forum for those interested in collaborative digital scholarship to meet-up. In addition, I will be colaborating with the other fellows on developing conference presentations and the organization's wiki.

Emma. 2013-present.

I participated in my first hack week this summer. The Emma development team worked for five long days to develop a peer review tool for the application that will enable the creation and completion of peer review rubrics on the application, as well as a whole system of feedback for the writers, reviewers, and instructors. Exciting stuff. Now, we meet weekly to improve the app's functionality, and we are getting ready to bring Bootstrap 3 to Emma.

Digital Thoreau. 2012.

In a second semester Digital Humanities class, I helped develop a DTD for a diplomatic encoding of Walden manuscript pages and used it to code a page in XML. I also collaborated on a presentation about this project for the 2013 Annual Gathering.